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BIMI Mission statement

BIMI Mission statement

BIMI provides an effective means of making manufacturing along the U.S.-Mexico Border globally competitive by taking a holistic approach by incorporating advanced Information and Communications Technologies into all the major manufacturing elements.
Memorias del Simposio de San Diego

Memorias del Simposio de San Diego

La frontera México-Estados Unidos es una de las regiones más promisorias para la industria manufacturera y cuenta con las condiciones idóneas para implementar programas integrales de cooperación binacional.
BIMI Working Groups, 25 Sept 2014

BIMI Working Groups, 25 Sept 2014

Each working group is led by two recognized figures serving as co-chairs that provide complementary perspectives on the primary issues of the working group.
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The Econo-Tech Roadmap for BIMI

The recently concluded US‐Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) issued a joint statement highlighting that for 2016 one of the priorities is to “work through the Binational Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (BIMI) to streamline IT capacities into all major elements of the manufacturing process along the border”. This is a validation of the BIMI program that...

Performance Report Mentors Workshop

With over 90 participants from academic institutions, technology transfer offices (TTO), investment funds and government institutions, a workshop for Researchers, Mentors and Entrepreneurs was held at the Business School EBC (Escuela Bancaria y Comercial) in Mexico City, on November 18 and 19, as a preliminary activity of the Pilot I-Corps program to be launched in...

About Us

Thomas Bowles, Executive Director, FUMEC USA Program Thomas Bowles is the CEO of the New Mexico Computing Applications Center which works to support high-tech economic and workforce development and STEM education. He is a Fellow and affiliate staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he previously served as the Chief Science Officer. In...
BIMI Regional Leaders Monterrey Meeting  September 2-3, Monterrey, N.L.

BIMI Regional Leaders Monterrey Meeting September 2-3, Monterrey, N.L.

  Agenda Wednesday, September 2nd 3:00-6:00             Preliminary meetings of the Mexican and the U.S. regional leaders at CIDESI Thursday, September 3rd 8:00-8:30             Coffee, Meet & Greet 8:30-8:40             Presentation of participants 8:40-8:50             BIMI American Perspective – Tom Bowles 8:50-9:30             Summary of proposals from the United States side – U.S. leaders...
Minuta. Reunión 2 de septiembre con CIDESI previo a reunión con líderes de BIMI

Minuta. Reunión 2 de septiembre con CIDESI previo a reunión con líderes de BIMI

Participantes: Vicente Bringas, Jesús González, David Ortega, Eugenio Marín, Guillermo Fernández, Ricardo Palacios. Plática sobre la visión y principales capacidades del CIDESI a cargo de Vicente Bringas: CIDESI factura 100 millones de pesos anuales en proyectos de innovación tecnológica. Basan sus operaciones en 4 líneas: desarrollo de RH, servicios científico-tecnológicos, Generación de Conocimiento y Aplicación de...

Binational Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (BIMI)

Marco Barraza (MB) / Thomas Bowles (TM) / Guillermo Fernandez (GF) Carlos Maroto (CM) / Alberto Cruz (AC) / Saul Haro (SH) DISCUSSION BULLETPOINTS One single company has little to none empowerment to modify policies like the one related to total IP control from Mexican R&D centers in a “business-as-usual” mindset, even if they are...

Basic information for the McAllen Exploratory meeting of the BIMI

From Idea to post consumption value realization, manufacturing systems must meet the needs of customers while being good stewards of the environment. In order for the manufacturing sector to achieve this goal, participants must implement a means to stay competitive while they are not in full control of either prize (prize is mostly set by...
The BIMI in Brief

The BIMI in Brief

The BIMI is a binational initiative with the goal of strengthening the manufacturing companies in the US-Mexico border through the incorporation of intelligent manufacturing systems that improve production processes and make the companies in the region more competitive.

Programa para la presentación de la iniciativa para crear el Instituto Binacional de Manufactura Inteligente, 13 Julio

Hora Descripción 9:00 Bienvenida Ing. Marco A. Barraza 9:10 Presentación de Participantes e Invitados 9:20-9:50 Objetivos y Antecedentes de la Reunión Ing. Guillermo Fernández de la Garza 9:50-10:20 Proposal of the Binational Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Dr. Tom Bowles, U.S. co-chair of the Tech Commercialization Subcommittee Functions Structure Champions   10:20-10:50 Actividades iniciales del BIMI...